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Tom Hingley - Thames Valley Delta Blues

Image of Tom Hingley - Thames Valley Delta Blues


Thames Valley Delta Blues (TVDB) is a sequel to Tom Hingley’s critically acclaimed 2000 album release, Keep Britain Untidy. It is a record that embraces musical elements as diverse as blues, folk, soul and punk. TVDB sees Tom discussing the world in 2009 including mass consumerism, debt, recession and ecstasy. 

“I didn’t make the record I should have done for my career, I made the record I felt I had to make.” says Tom. 

TVDB represents gospel music for people with no religion. “Lake of Fire” talks about modern day subjects including mass materialism and knife crime. 

“I saw the devil coming on the back of a wave, I saw a lake of fire and no one was saved, And when you hold my heart you hold it like a purse, It’s the root of all evil it’s just another curse”. 

Whereas Keep Britain Untidy was an album discussing the break up of Tom’s marriage, TVDB discusses disparate subjects such as love and loss. It is an intimate record where you can hear Tom bashing out his tunes, one vocal and one guitar/banjo with no overdubs. 

Just intimate and immediate in the same way that past stalwarts such as Little Richard or Howling Wolf were. Please enjoy responsibly.

Track Listing:
1. Waiting for the walls to come down

2. All the good things

3. The gloves are off

4. Thirst born, Good

5. The lake of fire

6. Did you see that girl

7. Don’t want to be a fighter anymore

8. Everyday

9. Love you in the morning
10. Love week

11. Northern star

12. The gun, She

13. Tiny babies